Who Are We?

We started out as a small, two person team, and have long since expanded to include 1000 WWTS employees. We call these employees "dolls" (and for good reason, I mean, you should see them)! Our dolls do all sorts of things, from finding cursed toys to sell to smart-shopping parents, to handling returns and problem-solving when a toy just Isn't Possessed Enough.

Our Mission

We're trying to give children the joy of experiencing what a childhood spent with a cursed toy can be like! An experience unlike any other, in our opinion. If you or a child you love has yet to experience such a wonderful thing as a cursed companion, look no further than to us. Sometimes we even have sales, so you can get the WHOLE experience at a FRACTION of the cost.

Doll 001

Owner and CEO of the World's Worst Toy Store