WWTS Doll 1342019/09/10

Customer's Corner 1 

We asked World's Worst Toy Store fans on Twitter to tell us some of the strangest toy-related encounters they've ever had, and the results sure surprised us!

Here are our 3 favourite responses:

User2342: "Found a doll in a dumpster behind my school once. Didn't take it home. Pretty sure my friend's sister did, but it was cursed." (Creepy! If you're into cursed dolls though, we do have some)

ToyZtoreShopper: "I used to pass through an old graveyard on the way home since it was faster than crossing the streets between school and my house, and once I saw a slinky wrapped around one of the tombstones. After that day it moved around all the time." (Haunted slinky? That's a new one! Wonder where we could find some of those...)

ILikeCheese: "I used to find robot action figures every time we went to the grocery store over the bridge. They were always missing limbs..." (Geez, wonder why?)

And that's all from us for today, catch us next time!

- World's Worst Toy Store Staff