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Top 10 Best Rappers In Nigeria

ON this article, I will be revealing to those who are interested in knowing the top 10 best rappers in Nigeria.The world is filled with different talent and Nigeria is one of the countries that always have something to contribute in any area.
Talking about the entertainment scene, there are several big names from Nigeria who are currently doing well in their different career. There are a lot of talented people in the hip pop music genre today and most of them are Nigerians but i won’t mention names for now.
Before now, there has been have been several some  heated argument on the social media platforms where fans are battling tirelessly over who is better than the other among the top hottest Nigerian rappers , that is why we want to list out the the best and rappers in Nigeria 2017 .
Nigeria has travelled far in terms of rap music from the normal amateur way to matured and sophisticated pattern of hip pop style. Looking at Nigerian hip pop world today, we have a lot of gifted male and female rappers who have given us the true definition of hip pop music as a genre in Nigerian music and how it should really look like. It is no longer news that Nigeria is one of the few countries that has a lot of  lyricists who knows how to do damage to  hip pop joints .
Nigeria has achieved a milestone in the rap scene and all thanks to some indigenous rappers like late Dagrin, Phyno, Olamide  who helped carved out a nitch and a path for others to follow.
Apart from the rappers I mention before, there are also other rappers who does their rap in a global standards or infuse their rap with less of Nigeria’s content .
  1. Olamide Adedeji A.K.A Baddo.
Top 10 Best and Hottest Rappers In Nigeria
Olamide is that indigenous rapper that need no introduction but for the sake of some of us i will be introducing the industrious rapper . He is popularly knwon as Olamide Baddo and the YBNL CEO thatgoes with the full name Olamide Adedeji . When it come to party jams he is that guy that is equal to the task coupled with his Yourba vibes . Olamide Baddo Neh was born March 15, 1989  and he was crown the  “hottest rapper of 2015″ by MTV Base . He has released sevral albums and his “Eyan Maywhether” is one of the best selling albums in Nigeria today .
  1. M.I Abaga
Top 10 Best and Hottest Rappers In Nigeria
  • Phyno Phino
  • This Nigerian rapper is known as Phyno but he call himself Phyno Phino  . Phyno Obago is an industrious rapper  just like Olamide Baddo and they are very compactable when it comes to hanging out and working together on new songs . Phyno Phino has once released an album together with a collaborated effort , the album is titled  ‘Two Kings’  , their hottest single is Ghost Mode and it was the beggining of success for the “connect” coroner .
    1. Reminisce
    On this fourth spot we have another industrious rapper  known as Reminisce. This talented rapper has rose from his underground hype to a higher ground where is now well known by Nigerians . Reminisce is an hard working Nigerian rappers who makes sure he brings out something new all the time . Most people would think that Reminisce is new in the game but trust me he has been there for donkey years but rose to stardom at the eleventh hour . We gathered that his ‘Baba Hafusa’ album, stayed up on the the iTunes chart for weeks . He has signed fast rising rapper Ola Dips to his record label but fans were expecting Olamide to sign Ola Dips before Reminisce did.
    1. Falz The Badth Guy
    Falz The Badth Guy is now one of the biggest boys in town who earn alot from his rap business . Falz is not just a rapper but also a comedian , his short comedy skit made him popular on social media before he finally decided to try himself in the rap world . He  boast  his rap career with his funny lines and he is now listed among the richest rappers in Nigeria today .
    1. Illbliss
    Sorry i am placing Illbliss at this spot , the reason is that Illbliss is no longer active like those good old days . Oga Boss is among the well known bosses in Nigeria Entertainment Industry and he signatory lion flow is some thing we can’t forget in a hurry . Just recently, the rapper made it known that he is retiring from music maybe he wants to go into something else who knons.
    1. Yung6ix
    Yes! this list of Top 10 Best and  Hottest Rappers In Nigeria is not near complete if Yung6ix is not listed . The king of the south as he always call himself is coming close to reality as he witnessed some improvements in his career recently with the release of several hot singles . Yung6ix is a warri born rapper who started his hustle  in 2010 when he remixed Ice Prince “Oleku” and his version got  tumbs up by many. One of his hottest single is“Blessing” where he featured another Warri singer , Oritse Femi .
    1. Vector Da Viper
    Vector Da ViperAt the number eight spot we have a Nigerian rapper that sound more like American rapper, Jayz . The first time you heard him you might havemistaken his voice for American rapper, Jayz because their flows and voice are very alike . Vector is that Nigerian rapper that flows in good englsih without getting tired .
    1. Jesse Jagz
     Jesse Jagz
    On the number nine spot is another  ‘Chocolate City’  act, Jesse Jagz and he is M.I Abaga’s younger brother , you can easily denote that from their flows. Some years ago, Jesse Jagz left the label, only to return after some years. Jesse Jagz  is one of the most respected rapper in Nigeria because of the way he raps as if rap is nothing , he raps as if rapping is the easiest thing to do on planet earth .
    1. Naeto C
    stage name Naeto C, is a Nigerian rapper, Afrobeat artist and record producer. He was born in Houston, Texas and is of Nigerianorigin,  Naeto C ‘Ten Over Ten’ song is something we can’t forget in a hurry because it is one of the street fovourite as at them . We are really missing him from the music scene because he has remained silent for some time now . Talking about those few Nigerian rappers that does their rap in a global standards , Naeto C is one of them .
    Some other rappers who could not make this list of worthy of mention are;
    Ice Prince
    Lil Kesh
    Rugged Man

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