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Richest Men in Africa 2017/2018 | Africa Richest Man

Some weeks back/ I received a mail about the richest investor in Africa and decided to put up a post relating to that which is the Africa richest men.
Now the question is who is the Richest Men in Africa?. Now we will be dealing with this question base on their current net worth. please note that I will not be biased in my judgment while sourcing for a concrete information and answer to find out who the richest men in Africa because I had to do this source finding myself so that I will be able to mail the questionnaire back.
On this page we have the list of African richest men 2017 or you can also call them the top 5 richest men in Africa 2017 .
Forbe Magazine is behind this compilation of this richest men in Africa , the part of this article that struck my mind so hard is that despite the believe that Nigerians are suffering from adverse penury but we still have a Nigerian man as the richest among them all and his name is entrepreneur / Business man /philantropist  Aliko Dangote.
Entrepreneurs and Business Men are forming up in Nigeria, I have decided to make up and updated post about the richest men inAfrica.
Oil Sector and Agriculture has so far served as the country’s major resources while the country is still developing on technology, we hope Nigeria Billionaires would make up better hands in supporting Technology In Nigeria and Africa at large.
This evaluation was judge base on their net worth, investment and monthly income
  1. Aliko Dangote
Richest Men in Africa 2017/2018 | Africa Richest ManOne fact that remain undisputed here is that this man in question (Aliko Dangote )need little or no introduction at all because he is very famous in Nigerian , Africa and the entire world at large . The name Aliko Dangote rings a bell when it comes to the ears of Nigeria and Africa especially. The proud billionaire is the CEO of Dangote Group of Company and they are behind many products that Nigerians and African can’t stop purchasing including Dangote cement , flour milling, sugar refining  , salt , Spagetti and many more . As far as Africa is concerned, Dangote group of company is the largest company in Africa at large .  Recently i also learnt that the man also own a joint construction company and  you know what that means owning a construction comapany is not a joke . Aliko Dangote net worth is $15.7 Billion
  1. Johann Rupert
Johann Rupert
This next person on this list is Johann Rupert , he is said to be a retired cricketer who hails from South Africa and also base South Africa . This man own several companies in his country and abroad , lets count some of his company – Johann Rupert owns a Swiss based luxury goods company called Richemont and Remgro based in South Africa. He is also the master minder of  Laureus Sport For Good Foundation . Reports reveals that Laureus Foundation for Good was founded  in the year 1990 and had since succeeded in funding not less than 65 projects globally which is a big success . Butressing on the area of projects, the main target and focus of this innitiative is to use sportsmanship promote social issues around the continent . This prominent man is said to  Worth $7.4 billion , he is from South Africa.
  1. Nicky Oppenheimer
Johann Rupert
On the third spot is Nicky Oppenheimer . He is an Entrepreneur , business man and above all great Philantropist . Nicky Oppenheimer  is from South African . He is behind the company called Oppenheimer and sons entity and he owns several investment in different speres as well . Research carried out on him shows that he has an investment  in stockdale Street Capital and the Tana Africa capital and also involve in a joint business venture with the Singapaorian Government called Temasek. His  Net Worth is around $6.7 billion ,and he is from South Africa
  1. Christoffel Wiese
Christoffel Wiese
Christoffel Wiese mainly deal on consumer goods and he has really excelled in that business bringing him to the number 4th spot on the list of African richest men 2017. He has a huge share in  Shoprite Holdings estimated to be 15 percent . He also has an investment in real estate and hotels and one of his hotels is called Lanzerac Manor & winery and a five star hotel .  You will agree with me that Shoprite is one of the biggest investment that is current booming in the world right now especially in all African nations and big , developed cities around the globe . Needless to say Shoprite is a chain of a low priced supermarkets having variety of goods to navigate between , when ever you want to shop or buy any kind of product especially consumer products Shoprite is your best bet. Christoffel Wiese also have a very significant share in Brait. For those of us who doen’t know  Brait , Brait is a foreign private equity firm.  Christoffel Wiese is from South Africa.
  1. Nassef Sawiris
Nassef Sawiris
This last person on this list of African richest men 2017 is Nassef Sawiris who is from Egypt and currently the richest man in the counry of Egypt . He is from a family of three and notably the richest in his family , his father’s name is Sawiris . Nassef Sawiris source of income is mainly his construction company called Orascom Construction Industry (OCI) . There are rumurs going around that Nassef Sawiris is in a partnership with Asian Oil Giant Abu Dhabis’s International Petroleum Investment Co but has been officilaly comfirmed though . Meanwhile , the main aim of him involving in this partnership is to bring about tremedious developement in coal based power plant to his country Egypt . His Net Worth is about $5.9 billion , from Egypt.

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