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Richest Fuji Musicians And Their Net Worth

On this article, I will be talking on the Richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria and their net worth 2017/2018.but before I head straight to that I will like to unveil to you what Fuji is all about. It so funny to learn that most people still don’t know what Fuji music means or is all about . Well, for the sake of those that wants to know,

What is Fuji Music?

As the name implies, Fuji music is a combination of music consisting of Sakara, Apala, juju, Aro, Afro, and gudugudu, possibly high life. And according to History, Fuji music was created by Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde. He was the first person to introduce it to the world and made it popular in Nigeria especially in the western part of Nigeria. Well, Fuji musicians still remain dominant forces in the Yoruba entertainment industry.
Below are the Top 10 Fuji musicians (artistes) in Nigeria 2016/2017/2018 accompanied with their respective net worth.
  1. Remi Aluko: Net Worth – 55 Million Naira

Remi AlukoRemi Aluko is known under two stage names, the second, being Ajela. Perhaps, the most fascinating fact about this contender for the title of the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria is that he was born into a Christian family, which didn’t prevent him from achieving tremendous success in the Fuji genre.Remi Aluko is one of Nigerian top fuji stars who started the profession at a very tender age. His brand of fuji music with lots of fast beats and trending slangs did endear his brand to many youths. His alias as Igwe of fuji came when everybody in the fuji arena was keen in having one title or the other and this was well accepted by his fans and did contribute to his status among his peers.

  1. Ayinde Wasiu MashalNet worth: ₦750,000,000

Ayinde Wasiu MashalKwam 1, also known as Ayinde Wasiu Mashal, is famous for being one of the most productive Fuji recording artists with over 50 albums in his portfolio. His hard work has been clearly rewarded by his wealth and never ending love of his fans. Kwam 1 is the most recognizable name in Fuji music, and that is all thanks to his efforts.
The Fuji legend has to his credit over 50 lo>

9  Taiye Currency

Net worth: ₦85,000,000

Taiye CurrencyTayie Currency is one of the most experienced Fuji artists in Nigeria with a career that spans over decades. He has the biggest following in Ibadan and Oyo State, although his devoted fans, who are always waiting for new releases from their beloved artist, are located all over Nigeria.

8   Muri Thunder

Net worth: ₦100,000,000

muri thunderThere have been numerous stories about a Nigeria richest musician who came from a poor family and rose to success, but it’s safe to say that none of today’s most popular Fuji artists had a beginning as humble as Muri Thunder. Nevertheless, today he is one of the most respected and widely popular artists of his genre.Today, Muri Thunder is almost off the Fuji radar; and even his badly cooked collabo efforts with pop act 2face Idibia couldn’t rescue him from the pit of obscurity.

7   Shefiu Alao

Net worth: ₦200,000,000

Shefiu AlaoShefiu Alao is often referred to as the best Fuji musician of Ogun State, as his most passionate and active fans are located in this region. Shefiu Alao is widely known under the name Omo Oko, or “local boy”, even though he is far from being just another local musician thanks to thousands of his fans.

6  KS1

Net worth: ₦300,000,000

 Sule Alao MalaikaKS1, whose real name is Sule Alao Malaika, quickly moved to the top 10 richest Fuji musician in Nigeria for one big reason: he’s one of the Fuji artists who managed to achieve international recognition and respect from the world’s most accomplished musicians, especially hip-hop artists.KS1 Malaika has performed and duet with various artistes in different genres of music. He is quite friendly with musicians in the Islamic gospel genre and has been featured in their works severally. His music has also been sampled by different artistes in the Fuji and hip hop scene and are hits among music lovers. Malaika composes, arranges and produces his music. Blessed  with a wide range of vocal abilities, his music uses traditional African and Nigerian instruments such as the Gangan, Iya ilu, Bata, Sakara, Agogo, assorted percussions, Guitar, Hawaiian guitar, Keyboard and Saxophone With a unique call and respond style that everyone has now adopted, Malaika’s music is melodious and easy to dance to. Malaika’s constant worldwide travels have endeared him to audiences outside the shores of Nigeria With numerous awards  from organisations and music fans across the world, Malaika is striving daily to improve his craft and develop as a better musician and not just a singer.

5  Adewale Ayuba

Net worth: ₦400,000,000

Adewale AyubaAdewale Ayuba has quickly risen to fame in the Fuji music industry thanks to his deep and captivating lyrics that make every listener stop for a minute and think about the philosophical questions of our being. Mr. Ayuba recently turned out to be a Christian, which is why we can expect a change in his music style and, especially, lyrics. His rise on the Fuji Music scene was rapid. In early 1990, Ayuba was signed on by Sony Music (Nigerian) to record an album, BubbleBubble released in 1991, brought Ayuba into international prominence. For the first time in history, a Fuji Music album dominated the scene, topping musical charts for six consecutive months, winning multiple awards at the Nigerian Music Awards, (NMA). It bagged Ayuba the coveted Artiste of the Year Awards, Including the Album of the Year Award, Song of the Year Award and Best Fuji Album of the Year Award-four in all. It sold beyond expectations and made Ayuba a mega-star artiste. With the success of Bubble, it become obvious that Ayuba had hit the pinnacle of his career in Nigeria.

4 Saheed Osupa

Net worth: ₦450,000,000

saheed osupaSaheed Osupa is one of the most seasoned Fuji performers, having started his music career in 1983. Since then he has been repeatedly called the King of Fuji Music, as well one of the most hard-working Nigerian musicians with an ability to give 10 fantastic shows a week.

3 Pasuma Wonder

Net worth: ₦455,000,000

One of the most pressing question in the Fuji music scene is the question of who is the richest Fuji musician btw Pasuma and Saidi Osupa. Well, judging from the net worth of the two artists, the richer one is Pasuma Wonder, who has created a unique sub-genre by masterfully combining the Fuji music tradition with modern pop tunes.
Saheed Osupa started music professionally as a teenager in 1983. His first album was titled Fuji Fa Disco. He has released over 28 studio albums including a 4-in-1 studio album titled Mr. Music.In 2008 Saheed Osupa was declared the “King of Fuji Music” by Ayinde Barrister.

2 Abass Akande Obesere

Net worth: ₦500,000,000

Abass Akande ObesereAbass Akande Obesere has been performing in the Fuji genre since the 1990s, and during almost three decades of his career he has not only proven to be an outstanding musician but has also been at the center of numerous musical controversies. However, no one can argue that he started a music empire of his own.
  1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal: Net Worth – 750 Million Naira

Ayinde Wasiu MashalAnd the Richest Fuji musician in Nigeria 2017/2018 is no other person than Ayinde Wasiu Mashal, holding the first with a net worth of 750 Million Naira. Followed by Abass Akande Obesere who secured the second spot on our list with a net worth of 500 Million Naira.
HE is popularly known as the K1 De Ultimate who discovered  his interest in music when he was 8. His parents initially opposed but he continued to pursue his passion and by the time he was 15 he had won various local musical competitions. He later became member of Ayinde Barrister’s band, the Supreme Fuji Commanders from 1975 to 1979. He released his first solo album ‘Abode Mecca’ in 1979. He released his most successful album Talazo 84 in 1984.
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