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LASEMA ad hoc staff complain bitterly as they've not been paid salary since November

LASEMA ad hoc staff are reportedly experiencing untold hardship having been owed their salaries since November 2018. To make matters worse, they are reportedly lacking the basics needed to carry out their jobs effectively.
LASEMA has a consulting firm called Avantgarde Management Services (AMS) - the same agency that managed Vision Scape. AMS manages the facilities and the staff who are not directly under the payroll of Lagos State Civil Service. The staff managed by AMS include; the ad hoc staff employed by LASEMA and the staff directly employed by AMS (some LASEMA drivers and call centre agents).
These LASEMA /LRU operation staff who are on the payroll of AMS have been owed salary for two months, a source close to the situation told LIB. The staff were not paid their October salary until late December. The salaries for November and December are still pending and staff are finding it hard to meet their needs.  
According to our source, due to the lack of remuneration, the ad hoc staff, who make up almost half of the entire Operation staff of LASEMA, do not even have money for transportation and sometimes they are loaned money by the General Manager, LASEMA.
Our source said these staff are "undergoing untold hardships", especially as it's a new year and the beginning of school. So many cannot pay their children's school fees and this is affecting their morale. A lot of them have to borrow money to be able to come to work and fulfil their responsibilities. Our source added that one of their staff became mentally ill due to the pressure. 
The source said:
Most of the Adhoc Staff have wives and children.
Do you know one of the Adhoc Staff even ran mad some weeks ago?  But really, who would not run mad when you can't pay your children school fees before exams last term and now this new term the kids are either at home or the parent doesnt know how to pay both last terms fee and the new term's.
Imagine going for emergency opertations where you would stay for hours without food in your stomach. These guys have to borrow money from family and friends for transportaion and feeding at work.
Asides not being paid, the staff are reportedly lacking the basics in their bases; such as drinking water and soaps to wash their hands in the toilets. The meal tickets they used to receive was also stopped last year.
While responding to the scene of an emergency, LRU operation staff witness incidents that leave them traumatized, yet there is no provision for therapy or counselling for them.
To make matters worse, the General Manager has not addressed the issue with the affected staff, our source said. 
As for the staff who are directly on the payroll of the Lagos State Civil Service, some of them are paid N17,000 (excluding hazards allowance) as salary for one whole month. This is not even up to the minimum wage. 
LIB reached out to LASEMA PRO, Mr Kehinde Adebayo, but he says he cannot comment on the matter. He added that it is the acting GM Tiamiyu Adeshina who comments on such issues but he is not around at the moment.

Popular Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike explains what drove him out of Nollywood

Popular Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has finally opened up on what drove him and some of his other colleague out of Nollywood.
In a new interview with Joy Marcus, the veteran actor, the advent of Cable TV and bad economy could be held responsible for their exodus out of the movie industry.

Some people feel that you are no longer relevant in the industry as producers don’t call you for movies. What do you have to say about that?
It is not just about me; it is about all the actors in my set. You don’t see Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah, Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde as often in movies any more as you used to. So, it is not about me alone. It is the new trend that came about when cable television operators came on board. The home video system was not properly structured; so, people started buying decoders. The level of politics in the home video sector was so high and our economic value became affected because initially, we got paid from the funds got from the sales of movies. As an actor, you can determine the fees you will charge for a movie. When cable television was introduced, it drastically reduced the sales of movies because some of those movies were already being aired on TV. It is not a personality thing but the lack of structures in the industry. And see where it has brought us.
What are some of the pressing changes you will like to see in Nollywood?
I have gone beyond that. I have stopped wishing Nollywood anything because I see that change is far. Some years ago, you could hear me say Nollywood was dying, but you will never hear me say that now. I realised that whenever I tried to speak with people on how we could lift Nollywood higher, they didn’t do anything. Some of them are not even informed about what is going on in the industry. Now, it just seems like I am a noisemaker but I keep praying that God helps us in 2019.
Some people feel that Nigerian actors are poorly paid. Do you agree?
Producers don’t make (as much) movies anymore; the issue of being poorly paid is out of it. I haven’t made movies in over six years. However, last year, I was begged to go to a location for a movie which is all over the Internet now. This is because the industry is no longer what it used to be. Cable television has taken over everywhere and the producers and marketers that used to be popular then are no longer famous because nobody is buying their CDs.
Some people feel that you are very aggressive. How true is this?
Please, this should stop. There has never been a report of me involved in any altercation with any person before. If someone is pushing an opinion that is not true, it tells a lot about that person. Somebody should come out to say if I have beaten him or her before. I am very blunt and don’t give my time to people who try to destroy me. However, whatever I do is nobody’s business because no one is an angel that has the right to judge others.
Do you have plans to remarry anytime soon?
When I am ready to get married, it will be known.
How do you cope with raising your four children alone?
It has been God and I thank Him for his grace and mercies. I also thank him for giving me love because that is what matters. If you love your children, you will sacrifice so many things for them.
What is your relationship with Pastor Chris Okotie?
I don’t know him beyond the fact that he didn’t play the role of a pastor in my marriage. I thought he was a good man because while growing up, I used to read about him as someone who spoke ambiguous grammar. Then, his music career also died. He said he is a pastor and the Bible says that, ‘Let him that nameth the name of the Lord depart from evil’. If he says he is a pastor, then we should celebrate him as one. As a man of God, if a woman runs to you, you should chase her back and try to settle the dispute in her marriage. The cleric is supposed to be a mediator.  At least, that was what I was taught while growing up.
Do you think Pastor Chris manipulated your wife?
It is a known fact; I don’t need to say it. Everybody knows that the man doesn’t have a second church. He speaks English to manipulate the things he cannot explain properly.

Is Fear Stopping You From Reaching Your Goal? Understand and Follow These Steps to Overcome it.

Over the years I’ve learnt that there are hidden fears that stop people from reaching their goals. It’s called fear of success, and it occurs regularly than you might think. You may experience it in different ways but the result is always the same. No matter what kind of goal someone is trying to reach, be it financial, health, career, parenting or relationship, there are some common traps that might stop them from living their dream in life. Everyone is bound to experience fear at a certain point in life. You must learn how to use fear to your advantage. Learning to overcome fear is necessary. You must learn how to push through hard times, because there is always a hard time. Meanwhile, we all know that fear exist and most people has never thought about looking deep to know the cause and effect of fear in their lives.
The below steps will help you overcome your fears and make you strive for success.
  • The fear of failing
To reach your true potential you must lessen irrelevant emotionally based fear such as anxiety, doubt, emotional damage or limiting beliefs etc. Identify that you are going to be encountering some challenges in pursuing your goal, don't declare yourself a dismissal failure, use your energy to generate a plan to get back. Any consistence fear that does not protect your well being should be canceled. Success comes in a straight line. Most people think one step back means they are back to the start which is one of the major reasons why they give up. There is a saying that ''the downfall of a man is not the end of his life'', failure does not mean you are out of the game. Failure is not a mistake; it's the best you can do at that circumstance. The greatest mistake is to stop trying.
Don’t give up before you see the outcome
 In today's digital world, most people find it difficult to wait for the time it takes to reach a goal. Just because you didn't see result does not mean your efforts are wasted. Most people criticize, conclude or judge themselves even before seeing the result. One thing about fear is it impacts your ability to make decision and follow it. Be truthful to yourself; tell yourself how important your goal is. Create a timeline for it, if you can’t work on it today tell yourself when to tackle it and always learn to be confident and exercise patient. Note that everything has its time of manifestation.
Make your goal a must
The fear of something bad might happen has stopped most people from reaching their goal and the reason is because they didn't make it a priority. Your goal should be a matter of must, not probability, stay focus and say to yourself, i must reach my goal. Some fear getting hurt along the line. Note that if a man has not discovered that which is worth dying for, that man is not worth living.
Lack of self confidence
Note that life in general is based on belief. What you belief will work for you. Many emotional fears are based on low self esteem, most people feel inferior while others underestimate themselves even before getting to their destination. Maybe because of the personalities involved in the same goal. The fact that everybody are after one particular goal doesn't make you a looser, may be because they are more skilled than you. Don’t in any circumstance think low of yourself. It’s very wrong to belittle yourself, no matter the situation belief in your ability and your capability because you can actually do all things if you belief you can.
Before you think about quitting why not seat back and think about why you started. 

ASUU Strike: What Will Happen If Academic Activities Don’t Resume Before Elections – NANS Reveals

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has threatened to boycott the 2019 general elections if the Federal Government fails to meet the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).
The chairman of the Abuja chapter of NANS, Mojeed Omolaja, stated this in Abuja on Wednesday, at a one-day conference organized by Online Publishers Association of Nigeria with the theme: “Free Press and objective reporting in the 2019 election year.”
Omolaja also distanced the FCT chapter of NANS from the faction of NANS led by one Akpan Daniels Bamidele, who was said to be a student of Nasarawa State University, Keffi.
The Bamidele-led NANS had visited President Muhammadu Buhari, where he endorsed his re-election.
Omolaja insisted that the NANS officials who paid a courtesy call to the President were not fair, adding that the FCT chapter of NANS stood for integrity.
He said, “We in the FCT here are not part of those who went to eulogize the President; we stand for integrity and anything we get right in FCT will be got right in all the states of the federation because we lead and others follow.
“The Nigerian students will not vote in the forthcoming election if academic activities do not resume in the universities.
“In this forthcoming elections, we the FCT chapter of NANS that controls other chairmen in other states have deemed it fit not to participate in the election until when ASUU calls off the strike because they can’t be playing with our future.
“Their children are going to school abroad and we are here and they still want their children to come and rule over us with their lackadaisical attitude towards our education.
“It is quite unfortunate that at this point in time students are at home doing nothing.
“The major reason we are at home is that ASUU is on strike and we expect the Federal Government to meet their demands because this incessant issue is a catastrophic setback to the students.
“Imagine somebody spending seven to eight years to finish a four-year programme. It is not done abroad. Is it because our parents don’t have the financial muscle to send us abroad?”

Everything you need to know about Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji born 3 May 1979) is a Nigerian actress, producer and director. She won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2005, making her the first actress to win the awardIn 2011, she was honoured as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic by the Nigerian government for her contribution to Nollywood.
On September 7, 2018 her directorial debut "Lion heart" was acquired by online streaming service Netflix marking it the first Netflix original film from Nigeria. Genevieve also confirmed the news via her social media handle after it's announcement by the company.[

Early life and education

Nnaji was born in Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria but grew up in Lagos, the fourth of eight children and was brought up in a middle class environment. Her father worked as an engineer and her mother as a nursery school teacher. She attended Methodist Girls College (Yaba, Lagos), before transferring into the University of Lagos where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in creative arts. While at the university, she began auditioning for acting jobs in Nollywood


Nnaji started her acting career as a child actress in the then popular television soap opera Ripplesat the age of 8. In 1998 at the age of 19 she was introduced into the growing Nigerian film industry with the movie "Most Wanted". Her subsequent movies include Last PartyMark of the Beast and Ijele. In 2010 she starred in the award-winning film Ijé: The Journey. She has starred in over 80 Nollywood movies.
As of 2009 Nnaji was one of the best paid actresses in Nollywood.] Due to her contributions to the Nigeria movie industry, she became the first actress to be awarded Best Actress at the 2001 City Peoples Awards, the award ceremony that previously had only recognized politicians and business conglomerates. She was also the first actress to be awarded as Best Actress by the Censors Board of Nigeria in 2003. In 2009, she was referred to as the Julia Roberts of Africa by Oprah Winfrey.
In 2004 Nnaji signed a recording contract with EKB Records, a Ghanaian record label, and released her debut album One Logologo Line a mix of R&B, Hip-Hop and Urban music.
In November 2015 Nnaji produced her first movie called Road to Yesterday, later winning Best Movie Overall-West Africa at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.


Nnaji has featured in several commercials some of which include those of Pronto beverage and Omo detergent. In 2004 she became the "Face of Lux" in Nigeria in a highly lucrative sponsorship deal. In 2008 Nnaji launched the clothing line, "St. Genevieve", which donates its proceeds to charity. In May 2010 Nnaji was appointed to be the official "Face of MUD" in Nigeria.

Things my fellow Nigerian's don't know about Olusegun Obasanjo

Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, GCFR, Ph.D. Yoruba: Olúṣẹ́gun Ọbásanjọ́ [olúʃɛ̙́ɡũ ɒ̙básandʒɒ̙́]; born 5 March 1937) is a former Nigerian Army general who was President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. Obasanjo was a career soldier before serving twice as his nation's head of state. He served as a military ruler from 13 February 1976 to 1 October 1979, and as a democratically elected president from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007. From July 2004 to January 2006, Obasanjo also served as Chairperson of the African Union

Early life

Olusegun Obasanjo was born on 5 March 1937 to his father Amos Adigun Obaluayesanjo "Obasanjo" Bankole and his mother Ashabi in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. His mother died in 1958 and his father died in 1959. He became an orphan at the age of 22.
In 1948, Obasanjo enrolled into Saint David Ebenezer School at Ibogun, for his primary school education. From 1952 to 1957, he attended Baptist Boys' High School (BBHS), Abeokuta, for his secondary school education

Military career

In 1958, Olusegun Obasanjo joined the Nigerian Army. Some of his studies and training includes Mons Cadet School, Aldershot, England; Royal College of Military Engineers, Chatham, England; School of Survey, Newbury, England; Indian Army School of Engineering, Poona; and the Royal College of Defence Studies, London.
Obasanjo served in the 5th Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Kaduna and in Cameroon between 1958 and 1959. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Nigerian Army in 1959 and promoted to a lieutenant in 1960.
As lieutenant, Obasanjo served in the Nigerian contingent of the United Nations Force in the Congo (formerly Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1960. He later joined the then only engineering unit of the Nigerian Army and became its unit commander in 1963.
In 1963, Obasanjo was promoted to the rank of captain in the Nigerian Army. He was attached to the Indian Army Engineering School at Kirkee, India in 1965. That year, he was promoted to the rank of major.
In 1965, he attended the Defence Services Staff College Wellington, India (In a book, the 40th anniversary book on the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, India, 1947–1987, Col. R.D. Palsokar (retired) quoted the commandant's confidential report on the then Major Obasanjo of the 20th staff course set in 1965, as saying that he was "the best officer who was sent up till then from that country (Nigeria) to Wellington. Palsokar also stated: "He was particularly popular in all circles
On 29 July 1975, when General Murtala Mohammed took power as head of state via a military coup, Obasanjo was appointed as the chief of staff supreme headquarters. In January 1976 he was promoted to lieutenant general.
Following a failed coup by Lt. Col. Buka Suka Dimka in which General Murtala Mohammed was killed, Obasanjo was chosen as head of state by the supreme military council on 13 February 1976.
Obasanjo resigned as head of state and also resigned from the army on 1 October 1979, handing over power to the newly elected civilian president of Shehu Shagari


During the dictatorship of Sani Abacha (1993–1998), Obasanjo spoke out against the human rights abuses of the regime, and was imprisoned for alleged participation in an aborted coup based on testimony obtained via torture.He was released only after Abacha's sudden death on 8 June 1998. While in prison, Obasanjo became a born-again Christian.
Recollecting his experience during the trial of the coup, Obasanjo says “My saddest day was when I sat in front of a military panel set up by late former Head of State, Sani Abacha to try me over a phantom coup, and sentenced to death and later commuted to 30 years imprisonment


He became chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees, with control over nominations for governmental positions and even policy and strategy. As one Western diplomat said, "He intends to sit in the passenger seat giving advice and ready to grab the wheel if Nigeria goes off course." He voluntary resigned as the chairman board of trustees of the PDP in April, 2012. Afterwards, he withdrew from political activities with PDP.
In March 2008, Obasanjo was "supposedly" indicted by a committee of the Nigerian parliament for awarding $2.2bn-worth of energy contracts during his eight-year rule, without due process. The report of this probe was never accepted by the whole Nigerian parliament due to manipulation of the entire process by the leadership of the power probe committee. It is not on any official record that Chief Obasanjo was indicted.
During the Zimbabwean election of July 2013, Obasanjo headed a delegation of African Union election observers.
On May 2014, Obasanjo wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan requesting that he should mediate on behalf of the Nigerian government for the release of the Chibok girls held by the Boko Haram militants.
On 16 February 2015, he quit the ruling party and directed a PDP ward leader to tear his membership card during a press conference.He was later to be known as the navigator of the newly formed opposition party, the APC.
On 24 January 2018, he wrote serving President Muhammadu Buhari highlighting his areas of weakness and advising him not to run for office in 2019. To date all his letters to incumbent presidents have preceded their downfall.
On 31 January 2018, his political movement called "Coalition for Nigeria Movement" (CNM) was launched in Abuja.
On 10 May 2018, the movement adopts a political party, African Democratic Congress (ADC), to realise its dream of a new Nigeria.

Personal life

Obasanjo was married four times. His wives were Esther Oluremi, Lynda (deceased), Mojiosola Adekunle (deceased), and Stella Abebe (deceased).
Obasanjo has twenty children. In alphabetical order they are: Bisoye, Biyi, Bola, Bukola, Busola, Damilola, Dare, Dayo, Deboye, Funke, Funso, Gbenga, Iyabo, Juwon, Kofo, Kunle (nephew Obasanjo adopted as a son), Olumuyiwa, Segun, Seun, and Toyosi.
His son, Dare Obasanjo, is a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft.
In 1987, his second wife/ex-wife, Lynda, was ordered out of her car by armed men, and was fatally shot for failing to move quickly.
On 23 October 2005, the President lost his wife, Stella Obasanjo, First Lady of Nigeria the day after she had an abdominoplasty in Spain. In 2009, the doctor, known only as 'AM', was sentenced to one year in jail for negligence in Spain and ordered to pay restitution to her son of about $176,000.
In addition to a variety of other chieftaincy titles, Obasanjo holds the titles of the Balogun of Owu and the Ekerin Balogun of the Egba clan of Yorubaland.
In December 2017, Obasanjo defended his Ph.D thesis at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). He now holds a Ph.D in Theology. That was about two years after he completed his master's degree in the same course.


Olusegun Obasanjo has received several awards and medals. In alphabetical order they include:
  • Defence Service Medal (DSM)
  • Forces Service Star (FSS)
  • General Service Medal (GSM)
  • Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (GCFR)
  • Meritorious Service Star (MSS)
  • National Service Medal (NSM)
  • Republic Medal (RM)
  • Silver Jubilee Medal (SJM)

Everything you need to know about DJ Jimmy Jatt

Oluwaforijimi "Jimmy" Adewale Amu (born October 15, 1966), professionally referred to by his stage name DJ Jimmy Jatt, is a Nigerian disc jockey who is revered as one of the pioneering hiphop DJs in Nigeria. He started out his music career as a rapper under the sobriquet Master J but delved into DJing after his failure in getting signed by a record label despite releasing a handful of songs including a demo recording. He is best known for his Jimmy's Jump Off concert, an event he started in 2008 to become one of the most attended entertainment events in Nigeria. In 2006, he won the Hip Hop World Hall of Fame award at the maiden edition of The Headies for his contribution to hip-hop in Nigeria.
Early LIfe
Jimmy Amu is a native of Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, but he was born and bred in Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria where he had his basic and secondary education. Born to a father who was a sound equipment dealer, Jimmy Jatt developed interest in music at a tender age. He grew up listening to various genres of music including pop, afrojuju, highlife, afrobeat, jazz, hip-hop, rhythm and blues and soul. He began his career as a rapper under the stage name Master J but had to switch into DJing after he failed to secure a record label contract upon releasing several songs and demos.
Career and Success
He soon became popular as a DJ for hosting a street carnival called "Road Block", an event which involved lyrical rap battles between upcoming and underground rappers. In 2007, he released a mixtape titled The Definition, a compilation of songs which features several Nigerian artistes including Sound Sultan, 2Baba, Mode 9, Naeto C, 9ice, Ruggedman, eLDee, M.I among others. The mixtape included "Stylee", a song which features vocals from 2Baba, Mode 9 and ElaJoe and went on to be nominated in two categoris at the 2007 edition of the Channel O Music Video Awards.With a T.V programme called Jimmy's Jump Off, several collaborations, awards and nominations and endorsement deals; DJ Jimmy Jatt is highly recognised and revered for pushing hip-hop in Nigeria.

Studio albums

  • The Definition (2007)
  • The Industry Vol 1 (2014)

How to hack 2go account of anybody

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  • m.class
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  • Step2:Open Class Translator then Locate & Open this .Class file NewLoginClient.class. After Successfully Loading Of the File, scroll Down to a text.

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    Liz Benson Biography - Nigerian Actress

    Elizabeth Benson (born 1966) is a famous Nollywood actress, television personality and philanthropist. She began acting when she was just 5 years old. She became popular when she featured in Fortunes, a television soap opera in 1993. Benson played the part of Mrs. Agnes Johnson in the soap, which ran for about two years on the Nigerian Television Authority network. In 1994, her role in Glamour Girls, a very successful home video film that focused on the theme of prostitution, literally changed her fortune after Fortunes. The movie shot her into prominence and gradually she warmed her way into the minds of millions of Nigerian movie fans. Surprisingly, just when her rating as a leading actress had begun to rise even higher than expected, Benson suddenly quit acting in 1996. She became a born-again Christian and started preaching the gospel. The Efik-born actress, took another shot at marriage after her conversion. In a quiet court ceremony in Abuja, She got married to Bishop Great Emeya in 2009 at the Rainbow Christian Assembly in Warri, Delta State. The couple are deeply involved in a Christian Evangelical Ministry. While Benson is an evangelist, her husband, Emeya, is a pastor in Warri, Delta State.
    Benson lost her first husband (Samuel Gabriel Etim) while around her mid-twenties. She said that she actually gained strength from his character and that made her able to carry on with her children through the loss.
    She started acting when she was five years old. She is loved by most movie watchers in Nigeria and is seen as one of the first ladies of Nollywood.
    Some of her more popular roles include her role as Titubi in Femi Osofisan's Morountodun and as Mrs. Agnes Johnson in Fortunes, a soap opera that ran for about two years on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Channel 10. She acted in a number of Nollywood video-films such as Evil Men 1 and 2ShameConspiracyIzagaBurdenStolen ChildFacesDead EndTycoonGlamour GirlsBody of Vengeance and a horde of other movies.
    Benson is an evangelist and lives in Delta State with her husband. Together they run a ministry, Freedom Family Assembly.

    Selected filmography

    • Lizard Life (2017)
    • Hilarious Hilary (2015)
    • Dearest Mummy (2015)
    • Dry (2014)
    • Toko taya (2007)
    • Political Control (2006)
    • Political Control 2 (2006)
    • Political Control 3 (2006)
    • Bridge-Stone (2005)
    • Bridge-Stone 2 (2005)
    • Crazy Passion (2005)
    • Crazy Passion 2(2005)
    • Day of Atonement (2005)
    • Now & Forever(2005)
    • Now & Forever 2 (2005)
    • Squad Twenty-Three (2005)
    • Squad Twenty-Three 2 (2005)
    • Women in Power (2005)
    • Women in Power 2 (2005)
    • Inheritance (2004)
    • Melody of Life (2004)
    • Red Hot (2004)
    • Turn Table (2004)
    • Turn Table 2 (2004)
    • World Apart (2004)
    • World Apart 2 (2004)
    • Èèkù-idà (2002)
    • Èèkù-idà 2 (2002)
    • Wisdom and Riches (2002)
    • Wisdom and Riches 2 (2002)
    • Dapo Junior (2000) .... Ronke
    • Chain Reaction (1999)
    • Diamond Ring (1998)
    • Diamond Ring 2 (1998)
    • Scores to Settle (1998)
    • Witches (1998)
    • Back to Life (1997)
    • True Confession (1995)
    • Glamour Girls (1994)
    • Silenced (????)

    Everything you need to know about John Okafor Nigerian Actor

    John Okafor (born on 17 October 1961) popularly known as Mr. Ibu is a Nigerian actor and comedian. Okafor is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters. His humorous acting is often characterised by stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality.
    He was born on 17 October 1961 and is married with children. He has acted in more than 200 movies including Mr.Ibu (2004), Mr.Ibu in London(2004), Police Recruit (2003), 9 Wives (2005), Ibu in Prison (2006) and Keziah (2007).
    Okafor has remained a role model to many Nigerian comedians.

    Personal life

    John Okafor was born and raised in Enugu in the south eastern part of Nigeria and had a rough childhood due to his family's poverty. Before he was an actor he worked as a firewood seller, a hair dresser and a meat butcher.

    Things most people don't really know about David Nnaji

    David Nnaji is a Nigerian film maker, actor and writer, notable for his role as Ifeanyi in the television series Dear Mother

    Early life and education

    Nnaji was born in July 1985 in Lagos State, Nigeria and had all his schooling in the State. He went on to bag a bachelors degree in History and Strategic Studies from the University of Lagos

    Personal life

    Nnaji is the fourth of five children and has two children, Chinualumogu Naetochukwu Nnaji and Adaezeh Munachimso Nnaji.


    Upon graduation from the university, Nnaji founded a record label called DUN Entertainment Limited. He interpreted the role of Ifeanyi in the series Dear Mother which was shown on television for over a decade

    Nigerian Musician 'Sleeps With' Tanzanian Lady Who Allegedly Has Spiritual Problem (Photos)

    TripleMG singer, Tekno, is not in the best frame of mind presently.

    This is because the 'Duro' crooner is enmeshed in social media drama. Some days ago, the singer performed in Dar es salaam to celebrate the new year, after which he posted a selfie of himself with a famous Tanzanian actress and model, Lulu Elizabeth Michael, with the caption "how do you see" on his Instagram page.

    The photo immediately went viral, with many thinking they had some sexual relationship. And the tone changed afterwards when the singer's Tanzanian fans went diabolical. They bombarded the singer's Instagram page with 'RIP'. According to the comments, anyone who has intimate relations with Lulu dies mysteriously because she has been cursed and is very diabolical.

    They claim a lot of her exes had died. And for this reason, Tanzanians wrote RIP on all Tekno's recent Instagram photos. When the fans refused to stop writing about his impending death, Tekno deleted all the photos he has posted on Instagram today and wrote this below:

    MMG Singer Teckno deleted all his pictures on his Instagram page early today following comments from his Tanzanian fans that he will die soon.

    Everything You Need To Know AboutMercy Johnson Nigerian Actress

    Mercy Johnson Okojie (born 28 August 1984) is a Nigerian actress.

    Early life

    Mercy Johnson-Okojie hails from Okene in Kogi State. Born in Lagos to a former naval officer, Mr Daniel Johnson and Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, she is the fourth child in a family of seven. She started her primary education in Calabar. Her father, being a naval officer, was later transferred to Lagos State where she continued her education at a Nigerian Navy Primary School. She went to a Rivers State Secondary School for her secondary education in addition to the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


    Right after her secondary education, she auditioned for a role in The Maid, a movie that was to launch her into stardom. Her performance in that movie paved way for her into getting more roles in movies such as HustlersBaby Oku in AmericaWar in the Palace, and many more. In 2009, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress at the 2009 African Movie Award ceremony, and then Best Actress award at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her role in the comedy movie Dumebi the Dirty Girl. In December 2011, she was listed as Google's most searched Nigerian celebrity, a position she also held in 2012..She is the senior special assistant(SSA) to the kogi state governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture. This post took effect from 1 April 2017.

    Personal life

    She is married to Prince Odianosen Okojie since 2011 and they have 3 children.

    Check out what Wizkid’s 1st son gifted his 2nd son for his birthday

    It’s all love between Wizkid’s first and second baby mama, Shola Ogudu and Binta Diallo.
    The two rivals have even established a good relationship among their sons, Boluwatife and Ayo.
    Binta’s son, Ayo will be celebrating 3-years birthday on the 15th of January, and Shola’s son, Tife has sent in lovely gifts in advance.
    Tife packaged lovely traditional wears from his clothing line as birthday gift from Nigeria to U.S where Binta and Ayo reside.
    Sharing a video of the outfits on Instagram, Binta wrote;
    “Bday gift for my kingy from his big bro Tife💙 @czar_czarina thank you Darling @o.oluwanishola I love the outfits, they are super cute❤️ @tradsbyczar_czarina 🇳🇬💚🙌🙏

    Things you need to know about Saint Obi Nigerian Actor

    Obinna Nwafor (born November 16) popularly known as Saint Obi, is a Nigerian actor, producer and director. Saint Obi is best known for his roles in Candle LightSakobiGoodbye TomorrowHeart of GoldFestival of FireExecutive Crime and Last Party. At the University of Jos, he studied Theatre Arts. Saint Obi came into the acting scene in 1996, after doing a commercial for Peugeot on NTA. He has starred in over 60 movies. In 2001, Saint Obi produced his first movie titled Take Me to Maama, where he starred as Jerry, alongside Ebi Sam, Rachel Oniga, Nse Abel and Enebeli Elebuwa.

    Walter Onnoghen: Gov. Wike talks tough, reveals what Buhari will do if he loses election

    Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has revealed that the President Muhammadu Buhari was planning to do to Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Walter Onnoghen what he (Buhari) did to former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.
    In a strong worded statement he shared on Twitter, Sunday evening, Wike alleged that Buhari was doing anything to muscle power by all means.
    Wike said that President Buhari will not handover power if he loses the presidential election.
    Reacting to the plan by the presidency to arraign the CJN before the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT on Monday, Wike said the Nigerian Government was waging war against the Niger Delta.
    Wike wrote, “Charges concocted by the Buhari administration against the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) are aimed at frightening the Judiciary, ahead of the planned manipulation of the polls.
    “The concocted charges against the Chief Justice Of Nigeria are targeted at the Niger Delta, same way they muzzled former President Goodluck Jonathan.
    “Since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence, for the first time in 2011, a Niger Delta person became the President. The entire country ganged up against him. They gave excuses and denied us a second term.
    “We did not fight. We did not shed blood. He said his ambition was not worth the blood of any Nigerian and they called him a weak man.
    “Since 1960, no Niger Delta person has been the Chief Justice of Nigeria.
    “When it came to his own time to be appointed the Chief Justice of Nigeria politics came in. They were not willing to appoint him. It was God that created the circumstances.
    “The President was sick and was flown out. That was how Onoghen became the Chief Justice of Nigeria.
    “Now, because they believe that the Niger Delta is not part of this country, they have come again with all kinds of stories.
    “They think they are talking to small children. Fabricated stories and said he did not declare his assets in 2011.
    “Step aside for who take over? We must know whether or not we belong to this country. Enough is enough. I have never seen people who are so desperate to cling to power.
    “When they came before to attack the judiciary, I raised alarm. I told them what they were doing is part of their future plan. Unfortunately, NBA did not realise it. They chickened out and gave out their judges, not knowing that the lion is still waiting somewhere to complete the assignment.
    “They have INEC and the security agencies. They have plotted how to rig the elections. But they have not been able to gag the judiciary.
    “In order for them to consolidate in their rigging machinery, they want to gag the judiciary . The only that they want to do is to intimidate the judiciary.
    “They know and the law is clear. You cannot try any judge except the National Judicial Council approves.
    “They know they cannot try the CJN. But all they are doing is to cause embarassment. Put fear in all the judges.
    “An Attorney General who calls himself an Attorney General will sit and file such charges against the Chief Justice of Nigeria one month to the general election.
    “What kind of crisis are they setting up. They want to cause crisis in the judiciary and they think everyone should keep quiet?
    “The extreme manipulation of the system and the enthronement of a culture of impunity by the Buhari administration will not augur well for the country.
    “Nigeria will resist any attempt to truncate this democracy. With what I am seeing with this present government, because they are smelling defeat, they are not likely to hand over if they lose. Mark it today.
    “If they lose, they will prefer something funny to happen. Anybody that does that will face the consequences. Now they are pushing people to the wall. Be careful how you deny people their mandate. Allow people’s votes to count.
    “We are no longer in a democracy. This system is worse than the military. Even under the military, opinions of the people count.
    “Any security personnel plotting evil against Rivers State will face God’s judgment and punishment.”

    Ramsey set to cash in with Juventus move – reports

    Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is set to seal a money-spinning move to Italian champions Juventus when his contract expires with the Gunners in the summer, according to reports on Thursday.
    Aaron Ramsey
    The Welsh international will bring an end to 10 years at Arsenal at the end of the season after talks over a new deal broke down with the Premier League giants in September.
    According to The Guardian, Ramsey will become Juventus’ second-highest earner behind Cristiano Ronaldo by signing a five-year deal worth £140,000 ($179,000) a week (£7.2m a season).
    Ramsey, 28, is already free to sign a pre-contract agreement with foreign clubs and had been courted by a number of big names with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan also reportedly interested.
    Having joined from his hometown club Cardiff City for £4.8m in 2008, Ramsey has scored 62 goals in 354 appearances for Arsenal and won the FA Cup in 2014, 2015 and 2017.
    Despite making clear his future lies away from the Emirates, Ramsey has continued to play a big part in Unai Emery’s first season in charge of Arsenal, scoring three goals in 25 appearances.
    And Emery insisted on Thursday that he will still count on Ramsey for the rest of the season even if he does finalise a deal with Juventus.
    “My idea and focus, I say to him every day, is that we need his performance for us,” said Emery.
    “In the last match I was very happy with him. I asked in the last match at Blackpool if he is OK to help us play and he said, ‘Yeah, coach, I want to play’ and he played with a very big behaviour and commitment to us.
    “After, his future belongs to him, his family and agent. Every day he’s here with us, he’s working very well. I want his behaviour and his focus to be on West Ham on Saturday.”
    Emery also revealed that Arsenal can only afford to make loan additions in January as they aim to end a two-year absence from the Champions League.
    “We cannot sign permanently. We can only loan players,” said Emery.
    Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez, who Emery had on loan during his time at Sevilla, has been strongly linked with a move to the Emirates.
    “I don’t know how his situation is but I know the club is working for the possibility of players who can help us with this condition (on loan).”
    Arsenal sit fifth in the Premier League, just three points off the top four, and are also into the last 32 of the Europa League and FA Cup.

    Things people don't know really know about Rita Dominic

    Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha (born July 12, 1975) is a Nigerian actress. In 2012 she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role

    Early life

    Rita Dominic is a member of the Royal Nwaturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise local government area in Imo State. She is the youngest of four siblings. Her late parents were medical practitioners, her father was a medical doctor and her mother a nursing officer  Dominic attended the prestigious Federal Government College Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, before heading to the University of Port Harcourt, where she graduated with a BA (Honours) Degree in Theatre Arts in 1999.


    Dominic started performing when she was a child, appearing in school plays and children's television shows in Imo State. In 1998 she starred in her first movie, A Time to Kill. She won the City People Awards in 2004 as the Most Outstanding Actress. She has starred in over 100 Nollywood productions

    Strike: ASUU yet to conclude consultations - Biodun Ogunyemi

    The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), says it is yet to conclude consultations with its members on the possible agreement presented by the Federal Government.

    ASUU ASUU President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi ASUU President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, who spoke in an interview on Thursday in Abuja, said the union was still consulting.

    The Minister of Labour and Employment, Sen. Chris Ngige, on Monday met with the striking lecturers at a reconciliatory meeting.

    Ngige said some agreement had been reached, that the Federal Government had released N15.4 billion for the payment of the salary shortfalls, which was one of the major demands of the union.

    “On the issue of salaries in tertiary institutions, especially in universities, the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Accountant- General provided evidence that as at Dec. 31, 2018 the Federal Government had remitted N15.4 billon.

    “Also on the issue of Earned Allowances in the universities system, they also showed us evidence that Mr President has approved the N20 billion to be used to offset the outstanding arrears of the 2009 and 2012 audit verified earnings, in the university system, “he said.

    The minister however, said that the fund was being worked on, and would be released to ASUU as soon as the process was completed.

    Ngige also told the striking workers to take the possible agreement reached back to their members and should get back to Federal Government on Thursday, Jan. 10 for possibly calling off the strike embarked upon since Nov. 4, 2018.

    According to the ASUU president, the strike is still on, the minister said we should go and consult and get back to the Federal Government on Thursday.

    ” So, we are still consulting and will be getting back to the Federal Government today, ”he added.(NAN)

    Adenuga close gap with Dangote in Forbes billionaires ranking

    Globacom Chairman Mike Adenuga Jnr, with interests in oil exploration and real estate has moved up, ranking next to Aliko Dangote as Africa’s second richest man.

    Forbes magazine said Adenuga’s net worth rose tremendously from $5.3 billion to $9.2 billion.

    He is now just $800million away from Dangote Group President Aliko Dangote, whose wealth dipped to $10billion, from $12 billion last year.

    However, Dangote retains the Africa’s richest man title for the eighth consecutive time despite.

    BUA Group Chief Executive Officer Abdulsamad Rabiu featured on the list for the first time since 2015.

    The merger between Rabiu’s Kalambaina Cement firm with the Cement Company of Northern Nigeria, which he controlled, in December, last year, was formally consummated in Sokoto earlier this week. He now owns 97 per cent of the entity.

    Kalambaina, which operates a new cement production facility, started selling cement mid-last year just as Rabiu’s OBU Cement has expanded its operations, adding a new production line.

    Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, whose net worth dropped to $1.1 billion from $1.3 billion, was ranked 19th. She is vice chair, Famfa Oil, an indigenous oil exploration company with a stake in Agbami Oilfield, a prolific offshore asset. Famfa Oil’s partners include Chevron and Petrobras.

    Mrs. Alakija’s first company was a fashion label, whose customers included former military President Ibrahim Babangida and his wife, the late Maryam.

    The Federal Government awarded Mrs. Alakija’s company an oil prospecting license in 1993, which was later converted to an oil mining lease.

    Mrs. Alakija’s ranking tied with South African banker, Michiel Le Roux.

    Forbes blamed plunging stock values and weaker currencies for the shrinking in the billionaires club in Africa.

    It said: “Buffeted by plunging stock prices and weaker currencies, the number of African billionaires has shrunk to just 20, down from 23 a year ago.

    “Four people fell off Forbes’ annual list of the continent’s richest since last year while one returned to the ranks after a four-year absence. All but four members of the list have smaller fortunes than a year ago.”

    In a per country ranking, Egypt and South Africa are tied with five billionaires each, followed by Nigeria with four and Morocco-two.

    Forbes found one billionaire each in Algeria, Angola, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

    Salaries of workers above new minimum wage'll be renegotiated- Buhari

    ABUJA—PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari said, yesterday, that the salaries of workers earning above the new minimum wage will be renegotiated.

    President Buhari
    He also appointed Bismarck Rewane as head of newly inaugurated Technical Advisory Committee on the implementation of a national minimum wage.

    President Buhari, who stated this at the inauguration of the technical committee at the Council Chamber, Presidential Villa Abuja, said after the new minimum wage had been passed into law, government will go into negotiations for salary review for all the workers already earning above the new minimum wage.

    He said it was important to properly prepare the minds of those involved so that they will not be taken unawares when the time comes.

    Noting that the last time Nigeria’s national minimum wage was reviewed was in 2011, it was evident that a review was necessary, despite the prevailing fiscal challenges.

    He said: “This is why I constituted the Tripartite Committee of Government, Organized Private Sector and Labour to consider the National Minimum Wage and make recommendations to Government for its upward review.

    “That committee has since submitted its report with some recommendations. We are currently working on the final steps that will lead to the submission of a National Minimum Wage Amendment Bill to the National Assembly.

    “I want to make it clear that there is no question about whether the national minimum wage will be reviewed upwards. I am committed to a review of the minimum wage.

    Meeting with state govts

    “Also, it is important to explain that even though the subject of a national minimum wage is in the Exclusive Legislative List, we have been meeting with the state governors because it is imperative that the Federal Government carries the state governments along in determining any upward review of the minimum wage for workers.

    “This is especially necessary considering the prevailing public sector revenue challenges, which have made it extremely difficult for some of the governments to pay workers as and when due.

    “As you know we, at the federal level, have made adequate provision for the increase in the minimum wage in our 2019 budget proposals, which we submitted to the National Assembly. Therefore, we will be able to meet the additional costs that will be incurred in moving up all personnel who are currently earning below the new minimum wage.

    Those earning above new minimum wage

    “However, we anticipate that after the new minimum wage has been passed into law we will be going into negotiations for salary review for all the workers who are already earning above the new minimum wage. It is, therefore, important that we are properly prepared to meet these demands.

    Avoiding adverse effects

    “We must therefore look at ways of implementing these consequential wage adjustments in a manner that does not have adverse effects on our national development plans, as laid out in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP). The ERGP sets appropriate targets for levels of Capital Expenditure, Public Debt, Inflation, Employment, etc. It is absolutely important that the implementation of a new minimum wage does not adversely affect these targets, and thereby erode the envisaged gains for the workers.

    “It is against this background that I have set up a Technical Committee to advise Government on how best to fund, in a sustained manner, the additional costs that will arise from the implementation of the consequential increases in salaries and allowances for workers currently earning above the new minimum wage.”

    He explained that the inaugurated technical committee will be chaired by an economist and financial expert, Mr. Bismarck Rewane with other experienced members who are experienced economists and administrators from the private sector working together with all the relevant officials of government.

    The President enumerated terms of reference for the committee which include to develop, and advise government on how to successfully bring about a smooth implementation of impending wage increases and identify new revenue sources, as well as areas of existing expenditure from where some savings could be made in order to fund the wage increases without adversely impacting the nation’s development goals as set out in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.

    Others are to “propose a work plan and modalities for the implementation of the salary increases, any other suggestions that will assist in the implementation of this, and future wage increases.

    “Given the urgency of this exercise, the committee is expected to complete its deliberations and submit its report and recommendations within one month today.

    “It is now my pleasure to formally inaugurate the Technical Advisory Committee on the Implementation of an Increase in the National Minimum Wage.”

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